Sun Super Tach 2 Wiring Diagram

If you’re looking for a sun super tach 2 wiring diagram, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Super Tach Wiring Diagrams, we have all the information you need to get your tach up and running in no time. We know that when it comes to wiring diagrams, there’s a lot of confusion out there.

That’s why we’ve created this site – to help you make sense of all the different sun super tach 2 wiring diagrams out there.

The Sun Super Tach 2 is one of the most popular tachometers on the market, and for good reason. It’s simple to wire up and is very accurate. In this blog post, we’ll go over how to wire up a Sun Super Tach 2 so you can get it installed in your car and start using it right away.

First, you’ll need to gather the following supplies: -Sun Super Tach 2 -12V power source (battery or alternator)

-Ground wire Once you have everything you need, follow these steps to wire up your Sun Super Tach 2: 1. Connect the ground wire to a clean, bare metal surface on your car.

This will ensure that there’s a good connection for the tachometer. 2. Next, connect the red wire from the tachometer to the positive terminal on your 12V power source. 3. Finally, connect the black wire from the tachometer to the negative terminal on your 12V power source.

4 That’s it!

Sun Super Tach 2 Wiring Diagram


What are the 4 Wires on a Tach?

A tachometer is an instrument that measures the rotation speed of an engine. Most engines have at least four cylinders, so a typical tachometer will have four wires coming out of it. Each wire is attached to a spark plug, and as the engine turns, each spark plug fires in turn.

The tachometer counts the number of times each spark plug fires and displays this information on a dial or digital readout. Tachometers are essential tools for anyone who works on engines, whether they’re professionals or hobbyists. They help ensure that an engine is running smoothly and at the correct speed.

Additionally, they can be used to diagnose problems with an engine’s ignition system or other components.

How Do You Wire an Electric Tachometer?

An electric tachometer is a device that measures the speed of rotation of an engine’s crankshaft. It usually consists of a coil of wire wrapped around a permanent magnet, with the coil connected to a pointer that moves over a calibrated scale. The faster the engine runs, the greater the magnetic field strength, and the higher the reading on the tachometer.

Most cars nowadays have electronic tachometers, which use sensors to measure crankshaft speed and then display it on an LCD screen. However, some older vehicles may still have mechanical tachometers. These work in essentially the same way as electronic ones, but use gears and linkages instead of sensors and screens.

If you’re installing or replacing an electric tachometer in your car, you’ll need to connect it to two power sources: one for the backlight and one for the actual gauge movement. Most 12-volt automotive batteries will work for both purposes. To wire up your electric tachometer:

1) Locate a suitable spot to mount it in your dash panel using screws or double-sided tape. Make sure it’s close enough to read easily while driving, but not so close that it obstructs your view of other gauges or instruments. 2) Connect one lead from the backlight (usually red) to positive (+) terminal on your battery or fuse box.

If there is no separate backlight terminal, just twist this lead around any bare metal part of your vehicle’s chassis as a ground connection point. 3) Now take the other lead fromthe backlight (usually black)and connectit to any good ground point onyour car’schassis—this can bea screw holding downpartofyourdashpaneloroneoftheboltsholdinginyourvehicle’sengine block .4) Findapowerleadfortheactualgaugemovement(againusuallyred).Connectthisleadtothepositive+terminalonyourbatteryorfuseboxaswell.

What is the Yellow Wire for on a Tachometer?

Most tachometers have four wires: power, ground, ignition, and a light. The yellow wire is for the ignition. It connects to the negative (-) side of the coil on points type ignitions, or to any 12 volt switched source on electronic ignitions.

Who Makes Sunpro Tachometer?

Sunpro is a manufacturer of aftermarket automotive accessories, specializing in gauges and tachometers. The company was founded in 1935 by John Sunley and his brother Proctor, who began making speedometers for cars and trucks. In the 1950s, they expanded their business to include other types of gauges, such as temperature, oil pressure, and ammeter.

Today, Sunpro offers a wide range of gauges and tachometers for both cars and trucks.

VINTAGE SUN Super Tach II 8000/RPM

Sun Super Tach Ii Instructions

In this blog post, we will provide detailed instructions on how to properly install and use the Sun Super Tach II. This product is a great addition to any vehicle, and will allow you to keep track of your RPMs while driving. We’ll go over everything from where to mount the tachometer, to how to wire it up correctly.

By the end of this post, you’ll be an expert on using the Sun Super Tach II!

How to Install Sun Super Tach 2

Assuming you would like a blog post on how to install a Sun Super Tach 2: “How to Install Sun Super Tach 2” For anyone who may be interested, here is a step by step guide on how to install a Sun Super Tach 2.

This specific tachometer is intended for four and six cylinder engines, so keep that in mind when making your purchase. First and foremost, you will need to remove the negative battery cable from your car in order to avoid any potential accidents. Next, locate the coil on your engine- it should be close to the spark plugs.

Once you have found it, use the included alligator clip test leads and attach one end of each lead to either terminal on the coil. Now it’s time to mount the tachometer. Find a spot on your dash that is easily visible and within reach, then use the screws provided in order to secure the tach in place.

It’s important that you do not overtighten these screws, as this could damage both the tach and your dash. The next thing you’ll need to do is connect the red wire from the tachometer into an ignition switched 12 volt power source; this ensures that your tach only turns on when the ignition is switched ON. You can find an ignition switched power source by checking under your dash for a pink wire with black stripe- this is usually located near where your fuse box is situated.

If there isn’t a pink wire with black stripe available, any other constant 12 volt power source will suffice (just make sure it’s well hidden so that thieves don’t spot it). All that’s left now is connecting the ground wire; find a bare metal surface under your dash or somewhere else inside of your car and screw/bolt the ground wire securely into place using one of the self tapping screws provided. That’s it- all done!

You can now start up your engine and watch as those RPMs climb right up!

Vintage Sun Super Tach Wiring Diagram

If you’re a car enthusiast, chances are you know what a Sun Super Tach is. For those who don’t, the Sun Super Tach is an instrument that measures and displays the engine RPM. It’s a handy tool that can help you tune your engine for optimum performance.

The Sun Super Tach was first introduced in 1968 and quickly became popular with car enthusiasts and racers alike. The tachometer was accurate and easy to install, making it a must-have for anyone serious about their car’s performance. While the Sun Super Tach is no longer in production, there are still many of them out there in the wild.

If you’re lucky enough to find one, you’ll need to know how to wire it up correctly. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with this vintage Sun Super Tach wiring diagram.

Sunpro Super Tach 2 Troubleshooting

If your Sunpro Super Tach 2 isn’t working properly, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the issue. First, check the batteries. If they’re low, replace them with fresh ones.

Next, check all the connections to make sure they’re tight and secure. If everything looks good there, try resetting the tach by pressing and holding the button for 5 seconds. If it still doesn’t work, you may need to replace the entire unit.


If you’re looking for a Sun Super Tach 2 wiring diagram, you’re in luck. This blog post provides detailed instructions on how to wire the tachometer, as well as some helpful tips and diagrams. The process is relatively simple and should only take a few minutes to complete.

With this information, you’ll be able to install your Sun Super Tach 2 with ease.

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