Say Goodbye to Eco-Mode: Permanently Turning Off Dodge Ram’s Fuel-Saving Feature

To permanently turn off eco-mode on a dodge ram, you will need to bring the vehicle to a dealership to have the feature disabled through their diagnostic system. The eco-mode feature can be a helpful tool for improving fuel efficiency, but some drivers may prefer to turn it off permanently.

Unfortunately, there is no simple switch or button to disable the feature on a dodge ram. The only way to turn off eco-mode permanently is to bring the vehicle to a dealership and have the feature disabled through their diagnostic system.

This may involve a fee and should be carefully considered before proceeding. It is important to note that disabling eco-mode may impact the vehicle’s fuel efficiency and performance, so it is important to consult with a trusted mechanic or dealership before making any changes.

Say Goodbye to Eco-Mode: Permanently Turning Off Dodge Ram's Fuel-Saving Feature


Understanding Dodge Ram Eco-Mode

Dodge ram eco-mode is designed to optimize fuel efficiency by adjusting the vehicle’s throttle response, transmission shift timing, and torque management. It’s an excellent way to reduce fuel costs and protect the environment. The eco-mode works by reducing the engine’s efficiency and increasing fuel economy by restricting the vehicle’s acceleration and engine performance.

However, it can affect the truck’s power and speed, reducing the driver’s ability to tow heavy loads. Eco-mode also means it takes longer for the transmission to kick in, making it a poor choice for those who require more responsive driving.

Overall, dodge ram eco-mode is highly recommended for drivers who prioritize fuel efficiency and low emissions.

Why Would You Want To Turn-Off Eco-Mode Permanently?

Turning off the eco-mode in your dodge ram truck can offer certain benefits. Sometimes it’s to get additional power or during towing, while other times it’s for a better driving experience without any lag. It’s worth noting that turning off the eco-mode can impact your fuel economy, but if you’re okay with that, then it can work for you.

Turning it off will help you gain more control of your vehicle and can increase your acceleration. Before turning off eco-mode permanently, consider if you live in an area with strict emissions regulations. It’s also essential to consult your owner’s manual and have a proper understanding of how your truck operates before making any changes.

With that in mind, turning off eco-mode can enhance your overall driving experience.

How To Turn-Off Eco-Mode Permanently In Dodge Ram Trucks

Dodge ram trucks come with eco-mode, a feature that saves fuel. However, some ram owners may prefer to turn it off permanently. To do this, you’ll need a computer with witech software and dodgeram-truck-specific connectors. Always be cautious when disabling any feature and ensure that you follow the instructions carefully.

After turning off eco-mode, it’s recommended that you inspect your truck’s engine performance and fuel efficiency. Eco-mode can affect the way your truck drives and fuel economy, so monitor these closely and make adjustments as needed. With this step-by-step guide, you’ll be able to turn off eco-mode on your dodge ram truck and enjoy more control over your driving experience.

Testing And Verifying Whether Eco-Mode Is Turned Off

Dodge ram owners can test if eco-mode is switched off. First, check the instrument cluster’s “eco” indicator – it shouldn’t light up when driving. Second, verify whether the engine’s idle-stop feature automatically turns on and off. Inactive idle-stop is a good indication of eco-mode deletion.

Finally, take the truck to a certified dodge service center to perform a diagnostic scan tool test. The technician can measure various functions for eco-mode removal, such as transmission shift points, fuel-injection pressure, and idle speed. After turning off eco-mode, some drivers may encounter issues such as decreased fuel economy, reduced horsepower, and difficulty shifting gears.

Common troubleshooting methods for these problems include checking engine fluids, replacing air filters, and ensuring the battery is charged.

Going Beyond Eco-Mode

While the dodge ram eco-mode may seem like an effective method to save fuel, it may not be the best long-term solution. Fortunately, there are other alternatives that drivers can consider. One option is to drive at a reasonable speed and avoid sudden braking or acceleration.

Practicing better driving habits can help save significant amounts of fuel. Another solution is to make custom modifications to the vehicle, such as upgrading the air intake system or installing a performance chip. These modifications can not only improve fuel efficiency but also boost overall performance.

Lastly, regular maintenance check-ups and a change in driving style can go a long way in improving fuel economy. So, before relying solely on the eco-mode, explore these alternatives to find the best fit for you and your dodge ram.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Dodge Ram Eco-Mode Turn-Off Permanently

How Do I Permanently Turn Off Eco Mode On My Dodge Ram?

To permanently turn off eco mode on your dodge ram, hold the “mode” button for several seconds until the “eco” message disappears from the dashboard display. This will disable the eco mode feature until you turn it back on manually.

Can Turning Off Eco Mode Damage My Dodge Ram?

No, turning off eco mode won’t damage your dodge ram. Eco mode is designed to help you save fuel, but it’s not necessary for the normal operation of your vehicle. You can turn it off without any negative consequences.

What Is The Purpose Of Eco Mode In A Dodge Ram?

The purpose of eco mode in a dodge ram is to improve fuel efficiency by adjusting various systems that affect how the engine runs. This includes reducing the power output of the engine and adjusting the transmission shift points to use less fuel.

Will Turning Off Eco Mode Improve My Dodge Ram’S Performance?

Turning off eco mode may improve your dodge ram’s performance slightly, as it will allow the engine to use more power and accelerate more quickly. However, you may also notice a decrease in fuel efficiency if you turn off eco mode.

Can I Turn Eco Mode Back On After Turning It Off?

Yes, you can turn eco mode back on after turning it off by pressing the “mode” button on your dodge ram’s dashboard and scrolling through the available options until you find the “eco” setting. Simply select this setting to turn eco mode back on.


It’s clear that the dodge ram eco-mode can be a valuable feature for drivers looking to save on fuel costs. However, the turn-off permanently option may be a better choice for those primarily using their truck for more heavy-duty purposes, where eco-mode might not provide the necessary power and performance.

It’s important to note that turning off eco-mode permanently is a personal decision and should be made with careful consideration of the driver’s specific needs and usage patterns. Nevertheless, if eco-mode is causing issues or interfering with a driver’s preferred driving experience, turning it off permanently is a simple process that can provide a more customized driving experience.

Overall, while eco-mode can be a useful feature for certain drivers, it’s important for individuals to assess their specific needs and preferences in order to determine whether or not it’s the right choice for them and their vehicle.

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