2000 Toyota Avalon Fuse Box Diagram

The Toyota Avalon is a full-size car produced by Toyota in the United States, and is the largest sedan sold under the Toyota Camry name. The Avalon was also called the Toyota Cressida (from 1986 to 2004), as well as the Toyota Mark II Qualis (from 2004 to 2006) in some markets outside of North America. In Japan, it was exclusive to JapaneseToyota dealerships Toyopet Store from its 1997 launch until 1999 when it became available at all Japanese dealerships due to strong demand.

The Avalon has been ranked as one of the most reliable vehicles on the road by Consumer Reports, with high marks in customer satisfaction surveys from both J.D. Power and Associates and Strategic Vision. It was also given awards for its low cost of ownership from Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds.

If you’re looking for a 2000 Toyota Avalon fuse box diagram, you’re in luck. I’ve found a few diagrams online that should help you out. The first thing to do is find the fuse box.

It’s usually located under the hood, near the battery. Once you’ve found it, take a look at the diagram and locate the fuse that corresponds to the problem circuit. If the fuse is blown, simply replace it with a new one of the same amperage.

If it’s not blown, then check to see if there’s any corrosion on the terminals. If so, clean it off and try again. Hopefully this will get your Avalon back up and running smoothly!

2000 Toyota Avalon Fuse Box Diagram

Credit: fuse-box.info

-Where is the Fuse Box Located on a 2000 Toyota Avalon

Assuming you are talking about the fuse box under the hood: The fuse box on a 2000 Toyota Avalon is located on the driver’s side, just behind the headlight. There is a small tab at the top of the box that says “Fuses” and there is a diagram on the lid that shows which fuse goes where.

Fuse box location and diagrams: Toyota Avalon (2000-2004)

2000 Toyota Avalon Alternator Fuse Replacement

If you own a 2000 Toyota Avalon, chances are that you will eventually need to replace the alternator fuse. The good news is that this is a relatively easy task that can be completed in about an hour. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

1) Locate the alternator fuse in the engine bay. It is usually located near the battery. 2) Remove the old fuse and insert a new one of the same amperage.

3) Start the engine and check to see if the charging system is working properly. If not, consult your owner’s manual or take your car to a qualified mechanic for further diagnosis.


In the fuse box diagram for a 2000 Toyota Avalon, there are three fuse blocks. The first is for the engine compartment, the second is for the passengers side, and the third is for the drivers side. Each fuse block has a different purpose and each one contains different fuses.

In order to properly identify which fuse goes where, it is important to consult the owners manual or a reliable source such as an automotive wiring diagram.

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